The Black Pledge

Statement of Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that although Neworld Theatre has a long history of working with marginalized artists and telling stories not historically centered in Canadian theatre, we have not done enough to engage with our Black colleagues. We have hired Black actors but have not regularly worked with Black artists as artistic leads. We commit to building more working relationships with Black arists and centering their work in many of the ways suggested in the Black Pledge. Our specific commitments are outlined below.

Ongoing Commitments

Hiring & Casting
Black Community Support & Reciprocity
Training & Development

Specific Annual Commitments

Year 1 – 21/22 Season
Year 2 – 22/23 Season
Year 3 – 23/24 Season

At the end of Year 3 we will assess our progress and relationships with Black artists and make new commitments for the following 3 years.

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