Neworld values the people with whom we work. This is our attempt to make these relational values clear, transparent, and accessible. Like all things human, it’s a work in progress.

Constant Learning. Every person is very good at some things, and not so good at others. And we believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got and where they’re at. If and when we know better, we’ll try to do better. We strive to create learning that is centred within radical care and inclusion, meaning that when we correct our actions to change we will centre that learning within our community, bringing in expert advice, and supporting individuals in a way that centres their safety.

Collaboration. We’re not interested in making shows all alone; we want to work together. That means listening to each other and finding solutions together.  Collaboration for us means that we thrive with multiple viewpoints and adapting a diverse perspective for our work, performances, and productions.

Curiosity. Doing our best to understand what someone else thinks, and why they think that way. Staying curious often means we can find shared ground with more ease, and can offer collaborative solutions, care and compassion more readily.

Rigour. Making really excellent work; being thorough. Not rigid, but exact. Similarly, rigorous work is work that is constantly subject to evaluation on an anti-oppressive lens, and determining for the current climate and context what needs to be changed or adapted in order to support marginalized groups.

Vulnerability. A willingness to be in dialogue about things that might feel awkward or challenging. This might feel slightly uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t feel unsafe. Being vulnerable in the workplace is easier for some, and we want to prioritize those voices who may feel hesitant to be vulnerable and welcome them into a safe(r) space. Vulnerability and care are central to our operations, and we welcome our staff to join us in whatever way is safest for them.

Work/life balance. We often talk about this as capacity. We respect the agency and capacity of the people making/doing the work, and invite dialogue about what’s needed and what’s possible in the time and with the resources available. In pursuit of this, we affirm that employees have flexibility in how they work to achieve the organization’s goals.

Climate Action. We understand that we are living through a Climate Emergency that is the result of the patriarchal, colonial, extractivist structures that we live under. We aim to empower people and stories that positively impact our natural environment and the society we live in.

Humour, fun and play. What we don’t take too seriously (we hope) is ourselves. Humour is important. We’re making plays! We blur the boundaries between real and unreal and we love having good laughs together.

Neworld Theatre is a Living Wage employer for all regular employees. We also strive to pay above union scale to all of our contracted artists. Neworld Theatre is a member of PACT, the GVPTA, the BC Alliance for Arts and Culture, and is a signatory to the Canadian Theatre Agreement. We work with both members and non-members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

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